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trackstar running shoes

high quality running shoes

Not sure about your shoe size

print and follow the instructions to get your accurate shoe size

Your trackSTAR Foot Measuring Sheet

 Before ordering please please print out  this measuring sheet. By doing so you will get a good fix every time. This measuring sheet is  Only Calibrated to trackSTAR shoe size chart and only on Amazon. Please print out and follow the instructions . One Measuring sheet measure women, men, girls, youth etc.. Print out- place heel- measure to end of big toe – find your trackSTAR shoe size on chart – place order.

Don’t Settle For Less

The flexibility of the trackstar running spikes

Affordable Track Running Spike shoes for Youth and Adult feature track stars Sizes one to fifteen in stock trackSTAR, “Just good but no Better”.

Lightweight, Durable, and water resistance, Complete rain or shine. For individual or Team, Great for Relay.

Fit true to US size.    

Will last the entire season and more



Trackstar Spikes can be replaced for  75 mm spikes that can be ordered thru amazon, this video illustrates how easy is to change the 1.1cm to 75 mm spikes, Only use TrackStar replacement Spikes.

A closer look into our product

This shoes were design after years of experience on the track, trying to improve the comfort and performance of the young atheletes. 

  • Light Weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable
  • 1 pair of socks included


order your shoe now thru amazon

get the right size for your optimal perfomance by printing the attach sheet to get an accurate shoe size